On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Where do I find more information?

You will find more detailed information about the schedule, the guidelines, the prices, the accomodations, the locations and the kids program of the Taikai Deutschland 2014 as well as information about Göttingen city under the subpages of Organization. Please let us know, if you have any
other question and feel free to send an email (info@taikai-deutschland.de).

Where is the Taikai going to be held?

"The Taikai will be held an the university sports center in Göttingen. The address is
Sprangerweg 2
37057 Göttingen

A route map can be found under the menu item ""Overview / Maps"""

Is it possible to walk from the main station to the Taikai?

Yes, it is about 2.7 km or 35 minutes on foot. The route to university sports center will be signposted.

Money transfer: IBAN and BIC?

IBAN DE79 2605 0001 0000 1706 39 and BIC NOLADE21GOE.

Is there parking on site?

Yes, there are approximately 100 parking spaces available. Therefore, it would be good if you could travel in groups, so that all participants are able to get a parking space.

What public transport connections can I use?

The number 8 bus stops directly at the university sports center (bus stop: Sprangerweg). However, this line runs only once per hour on Sundays and public holidays: A timetable can be found at: http://www.goevb.de/.

What is the number of the taxi company in Göttingen?

"Here are the numbers of the Göttingen radio-taxi office:
0551 69300
0551 66066
0551 34034
There is the Puk Minicar available as a slightly cheaper alternative to taxi: 0551 484848"

Is it possible to attend the Taikai spontaneously without prior registration?

Of course! You can always come by and either participate in the Taikai for 3 days or even just for 1 - 2 days. The corresponding participation fee can be found under the menu item "Overview / Prices". We look forward to seeing you!

What happens if I suddenly can no longer participate in the Taikai, but have already paid the registration fee?

Unfortunately, due to organizational reasons, we cannot refund the deposit of 60 € . For a refund of the remaining ammount, please write an e-mail with your account details to info@taikai-deutschland.de.

Who can help me if I have questions during the Taikai?

There will be an information point near the entrance. In addition, you can ask all the Taikai helpers. You can recognise them by their yellow T-shirts.

What training weapons should I bring for the Taikai and what weapons are not allowed?

It makes sense to bring a basic set of wood and / or soft training weapons such as bokken, tanto, hanbo, rope, etc. You should not bring sharp weapons and items that carry a high risk of injury.

Are showers and changing rooms available on site?

Yes. There are women's and men's locker rooms, showers and washing areas available.

Is catering provided on site for the duration of the Taikai?

During the lunch break various food choices can purchased for very little money. In addition, coffee, tea and water will be available during the entire training period for little money.

How and where can I pick up my pre-ordered T-shirt? Can I purchase a T-shirt if I did not pre-order one?

Just by the entrance there is a correspondingly marked Taikai T-shirt stand. The Taikai T-shirts will be paid in cash. We have ordered a few extra Taikai T-Shirts for the spur-of-the-moment buyer. So you have the possibility to buy one on the spot while supplies last. So be fast !!! ;-)

May glass bottles be taken into the training halls?

For security reasons, we advise that no glass bottles may be taken into the training halls. The risk of injury from broken glass lying around is too high.

Are both indoor and outdoor tabis allowed in the training halls?

Yes, outdoor tabis are allowed in the training halls, as long as they are only used indoor. Please use only indoor tabis in mat areas. Street shoes are not permitted in the halls in general.

Where can I find the training schedule?

The training schedule can be found under the menu item "Overview / Training Schedule". Detailed training schedules can be found on site.

Can I freely choose the Judans whose training sessions I want to attend?

Since we want to make sure that no training session is overcrowded, we have defined a system in which you get to see as many Judans as possible.

Is it possible to walk from the Taikai to the gala evening?

Yes, it is about 2.1 km or 27 minutes on foot. The route to the town hall will be signposted.

Is it possible to attend the gala evening spontaneously without prior registration?

In order to be able to better plan the gala evening for you, we have to know the number of participants by September 22. If you decide at the last minute to participate, please inquire in advance whether participation is possible.

Is there a dress code for the gala evening?

Yes, elegant clothing is welcome. Basically, however, everyone should feel comfortable in their clothes.

Where is it possible for one to spontaneously find a place to stay?

We have pre-booked quota in certain hotels for you under the heading "Taikai". You can find the hotels under the menu item "Overview / Accommodation".