Thanks for the incredible feedback!

The Bujinkan Taikai Germany 2014 is over. Thanks for the incredible feedback!

The photo book and DVD will follow in the foreseeable future. We are happy that all of you were in Göttingen!! It was a great event with very, very, (very) many happy faces.

We have a box of lost property. If your things went missing, please get in touch via email at

Training Halls

We train in 10 halls. 8 halls are for the normal training, 2 halls are for kids and teenager (see plan below).

ATTENTION: Advance order for the Taikai-T-Shirts

The order for the the advanced booked Taikai-T-Shirts is given on the 10th of August 2014. Participants of the Taikai, who want a Taikai-T-Shirt should order it now.

We are ordering more Taikai-T-Shirts to a specific contingent in different sizes. We can't guarantee that you will get your perfect size.