Taikai 2014

We hope that you had a good start into the Taikai year 2014. End of January also marked the beginning of the Chinese year of the wooden horse. We can now slowly prepare for the gallop towards the goal – Taikai Germany 2014 – in less than 8 months.

The Taikai team continues to work out the details of our 3 day Bujinkan weekend. We are pleased to announce that our Taikai is supported by the state of Lower Saxony. After consulting with all the teachers we decided to use the money to reduce the participation fee. The new prices are now available on the Taikai webpage.

In the last few weeks we had an increasing number of participants asking us how to get accommodation in the youth hostel. The youth hostel has been booked completely by us and registration for accommodation is done via the Taikai registration. Hence, a direct enquiry at the youth hostel will result in the information that no rooms are available. Please contact us if you have special room requests. We will reserve the rooms for you as long as they are available. Also use the registration form if you wish to sleep in the gym. For accommodation in a hotel please contact one of the hotels listed on the Taikai webpage on your own using the keyword “Taikai”. This will allow you to make use of our block booking. All information regarding the general process, guidelines, prices, accommodation, details on the venue, the children’s program, as well as information about Göttingen can be found under the link Overviews. The respective items are detailed there. If you cannot find the answers to your questions simply write an email to info@taikaideutschland.de.

Oliver Piskurek & Taikai-Team

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Taikai Year 2014!

We already received quite a few registrations for the Taikai. It is also great to see that several dojos have registered in larger groups. All supporting dojos will be mentioned on the webpage in the future.

Our Taikai Christmas present: the discount campaign has been extended!

Merry Christmas and a pleasant festive season.

Your Taikai-Team